About Us

me-bloggerIf you would’ve met someone from my friends and family before I became a mother, the first thing that would’ve told you about me is that I’m a perfectionist. But things changed once I had my son. I learned, no matter how much you try and give yourself up for something there’s always a disaster waiting in line. Since then I’ve learned to live with being good enough for my kid if not perfect. When you become a parent, all you can do is the best and then take it easy from there. It’s important to appreciate your achievements and let go of your shortcomings.

I started this blog to share my perfect and imperfect experiences with other parents. I also think that this blog will be a lot of help for the new parents as it’ll surely make them feel better about their shortcomings and the fact that they’re not alone. We’ll also be discussing different tips and techniques that can help us through our daily struggles. You’re always welcome to share your suggestions and experiences with me and other parents following of this blog regarding our quest on becoming as perfect as we can.

Thanks for the read.