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How to Survive Difficult times in a Marriage

Marriage-SeparationI haven’t seen a perfect couple yet, there are always a capacity of different opinion and views about the ups and downs in life, and these differences can lead to an argument and the tension builds up. When it comes to holding a family together, the last year was really hard for every family that I know. The decline in oil prices, last year in 2015 affected all markets and a lot of people were fired from their jobs. My family was no exception; my husband was one of the thousands of victims who were affected by the downsizing of the companies happening all around in our city. Once he lost his job the financial pressure increased on our household, and we had to go throw a lot of stress in between the 8 months of his unemployment. We also learned a lot from our situation that’s why I thought I should share some few tips that kept our family together during a stressful period.

Don’t Panic

The best thing that you can do when you have to face an unexpected situation is not to panic. When you panic, you start expecting the worse and it drains you out of all the positive energy which you would otherwise use to make things right. You can either surrender and let everything fall apart or you can otherwise think of the glass half full and keep yourself calm to elaborate the situation more wisely and plan accordingly.

Start Working on a Plan

Making a plan about what you’re going to do next to get out of the situation that you’re in will not only keep your mind away from negative thoughts but will also give you the much needed hope at that difficult time. Remember; where there is a will, there is a way.

Seek Advice

It’s hard to plan ahead if you don’t know what you next steps are gonna be. In this scenario, it’s not a bad idea to share your thoughts and seek advice from your parents or close friends. Networking might get you a reference for a new job if you’re having difficulty with your career. You can also seek advice from a career counselor. If it’s a medical diagnosis, getting an opinion from another doctor can be helpful and you can always research about your issues and learn how to tackle them.

Complement Each Other and Have a Little Fun

This is the most important thing which reassures a couple that even if things aren’t good around them, they at least have a stable relationship and someone to lean on. It’s very important that you build up each other’s confidence during a hard time. Ladies especially, must not take out their frustration on their partner and should instead focus their energies on doing positive things. Showing affection lets your spouse know that you’re there from him/her no matter what. It is also very important to have a little fun to take the stress off. You can call your friends over for a board game or take a walk with your partner in the evening, or anything that might help take your mind off of the routine.