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My Green Fills

With the increase in global warming to an alarming level, a new trend has started which involves people caring about their carbon foot prints at a personal level. If we want to save this planet for our future generations then we are supposed to promote green alternatives in our daily life. Unlike our last generations we are more aware of what’s good and what’s bad for our health and our environment. There are hundreds and thousands of research papers coming out every day that point out the little factors which affect our health and lifestyle, and we definitely know more of the consequences of our daily life decisions. I’m pretty comfortable saying that ever since I’ve stopped using household chemicals, my health has never been better. I never have to deal with any stomachaches and allergies like I use to in the past.


One major step that I took to reduce chemicals was tripping to MyGreenFills. The laundry products offered by MyGreenFills have less harmful chemical ingredients, and it also help reduce carbon footprints by sending you refills in a paper bag which means you only have to buy one plastic bottle. You get the refills, you get it mixed with hot water already, and you’re good to go.

The company’s visions statement says, “Production of sustainable non-toxic products that work great and save money.” The founder of this company, Ruth Smith came up with her own green laundry detergent to save her children from sever skin allergies. MyGreenFills products are made of essential oils mixed with non-toxic chemicals and each bottle provides you with 50 oz of detergent and according to my experience 1 oz is enough your laundry needs if you have a high efficiency washer.

I have been using this detergent for weeks now and have noticed that it doesn’t leave that unpleasant scent and starchy feel on your clothes like you get from regular detergents. It comes already mixed with hot water and dissolved which make things easier, and you don’t have to deal with the dry particles left at the bottom of your dispenser anymore.  Once you add your clothes to wash along with the soap, the softener and brightener works better than they would with the detergent alone. If you add the stain remover directly into the washing clothes then it will work far better too. Some of the stubborn stains can be easily removed by rubbing the stain remover on them a little bit.

All the things that this product can do are simply amazing for a 0.10$ per load price. I would love to recommend this product to all of my fellow parents who are concerned about the use of chemical household products and carbon foot printing. To me it’s a great product which is more than just a quality detergent. If any of you have an experience with TheGreenFills then I’d love to read about it, do share!