How I Save Money With A Baby


First of all I just want to say sorry to all my followers for not blogging for over a year, I have had a baby, her name is Susie and she is adorable.

Most of the organizational advice that you will find on the internet focuses on big budgets that can cover the costs of expensive boxes, and other things that help you with organizing the things you’re not going to need for a whole season. My tips are mainly going to be focusing on saving when you have a baby.

Put stuff on Ebay

You take a look at a room that is stuffed with useless stuff – you can tell in one stare that what stuff you want to get rid of. It’s better to keep it simple and purge out the stuff that you don’t need instead and put it on Ebay.

Start going through all the items in your room one by one and don’t think twice about keeping the things that you don’t need.

Use Coupons And Product Testing Sites

First of all when you want to go shopping don’t spend on items you don’t need. Use coupons and free testing sites if you want to save money as they offer free products in return for reviews. That can save you lots of money each year. One that comes to mind is

Hand Me Downs

Contact friends who have had children who are now older and ask if they have any baby items they no longer need.


Penny Saver

This year the penny challenge went viral so I started it on the 1st Jan, and you have to save 1p on the 1st, 2p on the second and so on. If you stick to it for a year you will have a total saving of £667.95 which is great way to save.

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