How to make your Holiday Shopping more Efficient with Kids

Holidays season before having kids are nothing but a joy, you can shop around for how long you might want, you don’t have to care about the kids waiting back at home or getting tired and ohhh the crying when they get tired when you take them out with you. There are always a lot of things going around during the holiday time and getting to deal with a kid does offer a distraction. But the efficient mom that I am, I studied my holiday routine and came up with some techniques the make the multi-tasking more efficient. Read on.


Say No to Malls

The first thing that you don’t want to consider during the holidays season is to not end up at a mall. There is always a lot of hustle going on there and it becomes difficult to stay with your plan when you have to deal with such crowded places. Instead of going to a mall, I always prefer going to a shopping plaza around the corner which offers a lot of shops where I can buy a little something for everyone on my list.

Planning Ahead

It’s always a good strategy to plan before you attack. I personally have to keep in mind that when my kid will get tired and plan accordingly. It’s always a good idea to shop things first hand that require more time, like I know I’m gonna take a lit bit longer at a shoe store and I always prefer getting done with it before my kid gets tired. One more thing that you must have before you start planning your shopping tour is the map of that specific plaza you’re looking forward to go to. Add regular intervals for rest and getting a snack in between your shopping to stay sharp and fresh. A quick stop at the Starbucks can be very rewarding when your kid needs a break; you can get the much needed cup of coffee and a hot chocolate for your kid, win-win for both.

IPhone to the Rescue

You have to get to the change room to find the right fit during your shop to shop tour and as my experience tell me, your kid can never be a fan of this situation. The best solution that I came up for this problem is that I hand over my iPhone to my kid, he gets engaged with the apps that I’ve installed for the sole reason of keeping him entertained while mommy have to pay attention to something else. Another win-win situation for both parties.

Snack Break

You have to keep the little master happy on your shopping trip if you don’t want to hear any sirens. I know once my kid’s little tummy is full, he turn out to be very supporting. We stop every now and then during our shopping trip to get something to get energized again like milkshakes or candy for the little guy which keeps him excited about the trip.

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